The Natural Guardians

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Alexander Hamilton wrote in a Federalist Paper that the People are the “natural guardians” of the Constitution and calls upon us to become enlightened enough to know the difference between a legal exercise and an illegal usurpation of authority.

When we read the Constitution we learn that Healthcare is not one of the specific enumerated powers granted to Congress under Article I, Sec 8 of the Constitution.

The Tenth Amendment:  “The powers not delegated to the United States (Healthcare) by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”   Based on this information Healthcare is then reserved to the states and Obamacare is unconstitutional

At a recent TEA party meeting some eyebrows were raised by sharing the following.

In the first paragraph of the Constitution, we find the phrase  “provide for the general Welfare”.  We tend to hear this a lot from the Kool-Aid thinkers/drinkers in defense of the unconstitutional Obamacare.

At the time that our Constitution was ratified the term “welfare” meant  “Exemption from any unusual evil or calamity; the enjoyment of peace and prosperity, or the ordinary blessings of society and civil govern-ment (Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828).”

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (1969), provides this meaning of Welfare : “Public relief – on welfare.  Dependent on public relief”. From this we can see how our Constitution has gotten perverted when 20th century meanings are substituted for original meanings?

To begin the enlightenment process, read the Constitution, particularly Article I, Section 8, so you know the difference between a legal exercise and an illegal usurpation of authority and contact your elected representatives to enlighten them and demand they honor their oath to support the Constitution, if they do not, vote them out!


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  1. David Welsh says:

    Good point, Leon. But it is "provide for the common defence" and "promote the general welfare."
    The fact that that they switched the words "provide" and "promote" is very telling about their intent.

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